My business trip was successful but it was also a stressful one. The final deal we needed just barely went through on the last day giving me no opportunity to do much else but go back to my hotel and try and relax before my flight the next morning. I asked the front desk attendants for some advice on what to do for relaxation and they told me that a Hong Kong massage might be what I needed.
When I asked for the local massage parlor they told me no that the services could be taken care of right in my hotel room. Apparently there is a service called outcall massage in Hong Kong where the therapist will come straight to your hotel room and give you the massage there. This sounded great to me, and of course meant no travel time, and who wants to fight traffic after just spending the time getting relaxed with a good outcall massage.
The called for me and not too long afterwards this professional massage therapist showed up with all of her professional glamour. Our eyes met for the first time and I could tell that she knew what she was doing and how to do it. I was mesmerized from the very sight of her pert and pouty lips and the curves that I could see in her frame. I knew instantly that this was going to be a massage that I would cherish and always remember.
She told me that she was here for my outcall massage Hong Kong style, and I had no clue what that meant. I just nodded dumbly as she told me to undress while she took care of her oils, and equipment. I did what she told me and followed her instructions, and I was definitely right as I will always remember her soft hands as they caressed over every part of me. She opened my mind to new levels of relaxation, and love at the same time. I saw things in the world differently because of the way we connected and I loved her techniques for that.
Sitting on the plane I still can't get her out of my mind and wonder when I will be lucky enough to come back to Hong Kong and ask for her special services again. Hopefully it will be much sooner than I had planned.

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