Body to Body, Full Service Massage

De-stress with Hong Kong’s best body-to-body massage therapy

Are you looking to unwind with a relaxing body to body massage? Our network’s therapists provide the most skilled body to body massages Hong Kong has available.

Availing the luxurious body to body massage, also known as a full-service massage, from our expert therapists, is a convenient and ideal way to let go of multiple stressors and strains of daily life.

Whether you have had a hectic day or looking for a way to channel your emotional distress, there is nothing better than a skilfully delivered full service massage from our wide network of dedicated professionals.

The holistic effects of full service massage

As a comprehensive therapeutic approach, the body to body massage positively impacts your five senses and promotes physical, mental and emotional relaxation.

This type of full service massage is targeted towards relieving built-up tension in all systems of your body. While being deeply therapeutic, this full service massage delivers the ultimate in comfort, relaxation and sensual experiences. Being erotic, sensual and pleasurable all at the same time, the full service massage Hong Kong service effectively helps eliminate muscle tension across the body.

How is body to body massage administered?

In our body to body massage Hong Kong service, the bodies of both the client and the therapist are covered in massage oil. The oil is heated to a comfortable temperature, to feel better on your skin and it helps you relax much faster than cold oil would.

The full service massage is performed with both parties in the nude. The body to body massage Hong Kong therapist then uses their entire naked body to massage the client’s body. Using the entire body and not just the hands, allows the therapists to massage larger sections of your body and offer a very unique bodily experience.

The focus of our full service massage Hong Kong provider is not to bring about arousal. Rather, the primary aim in this type of massage is to stimulate the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

To achieve this, our therapists may use a clean sarong or towel to cover the portions of the body that are not being massaged. Once our body to body massage Hong Kong therapist completes the massage on one part of the body, they move the towel/sarong aside to shift their focus to the next section.

In order to provide the full service massage, we use a combination of lotions to activate your sense of smell and taste. Your entire body will be immersed in the aromas and fragrances of the oils we use. The soothing massage motions awaken your body by allowing your muscles and joints to relax to our touch. As we massage your body, blood starts to circulate and brings in much needed oxygen and nutrients, healing your tissues. Toxins are removed and drained through your lymphatic system. The intimate ambiance we create through gentle lighting, will relax your eyes. It also helps you ease into a state of tranquillity much quicker, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the enjoyable and relaxing sensations of the body to body massage.

Benefits of body to body massage

The body to body massage Hong Kong therapy maximizes the body’s ability to unwind and experience the potential of all the senses. The biggest benefit of this full service massage is that it focuses on not just muscular relaxation, but true pleasure.

When all pleasure points in your body are activated, you will find:

  • Your body releases tension and regains its authentic, stress-free state.
  • You are able to appreciate your ability to enjoy your body, without judgement.
  • You are easily connecting with your emotions better, making the body to body massage more fulfilling.
  • Your energy levels increase tremendously, helping you through the day.
  • You are less prone to injury and experience great physical health.
  • Your skin looks brighter and with fewer blemishes.
  • Your body releases hormones that make you healthier.

Delivered by the most skilled full service massage professionals, a thorough full-service massage Hong Kong brings about holistic wellbeing at a deeper level.

The Ayurveda connect

In a way, this type of body to body massage has its roots in Ayurveda concepts. The term “Ayurveda” is made of two words – “Ayu” meaning “Life” and “Veda” meaning “Knowledge”. Together they mean, “science of life”. It is in Ayurveda that we see the approach to wellbeing and relaxation is optimizing all the senses of touch, smell, sight, hearing, self-awareness and taste.

Our full service massage seeks to help your body heal itself. You will regain your strength, flexibility and energy, through gentle and effective massage. As various parts of your body are massaged, they activate your organ systems and stimulate them to work better.

On a sensual level, this full service massage makes your body more sensitive and receptive to changes. It removes both physical blockages in the form of toxins and also energetic blockages. The sensitivity of your body creates a tingling feeling, which feels absolutely divine. The body to body massage also stimulates the release of endorphins, which are happy hormones. These alleviate your mood and help you feel greater joy.

Sensual, discreet and highly effective body to body massage Hong Kong therapies

We currently have a network of compassionate, discreet and sensitive masseuses across Hong Kong.

We understand that in the middle of your busy schedule, you may find it difficult to hunt for full service massage Hong Kong services and rush to a certain venue. Our flexible services accommodate your request to meet at any venue of your choice and convenience. This is one of the reasons why we are one of the most sought-after providers of body to body massage Hong Kong has on offer.

A few other reasons why we are so reputed for body to body massage are:

  • Our full service massages are budget-friendly and affordable to locals and foreigners alike.
  • We follow globally outlined standards of safety and hygiene.
  • The oils we use are body-safe and compatible with all skin types.
  • We are an inclusive service provider and celebrate diversity.
  • Our massage therapists can personalize your service to suit your bespoke needs.

Contact us today to schedule your full service massage Hong Kong service.

Experience the diverse benefits of a Hong Kong full-service massage

One of our most popular body to body service options is the outcall massage. No matter where you are located in Hong Kong – be it Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui or other areas nearby, our skilled body to body massage Hong Kong therapists will come to you. Whether you are in a high-end hotel in a busy area in Hong Kong or prefer to meet the therapist in your home or apartment, we are committed to fulfilling your requests.

We have a long and successful track record of exceeding the expectations of customers from different backgrounds. It doesn’t matter if they are business executives on a trip to Hong Kong or a local resident, we have a client list replete with extremely satisfied clients, who return to us regularly. The trust they have in us and the high-quality, full service massage services we have consistently provided are the reasons why our customers prefer us every time for therapeutic massage services.

Book a full-service, body-to-body massage today

Getting the most exhilarating full service massage Hong Kong has available, is a great way to make the most of your time here.

We understand that you may have a very busy schedule and may require a massage therapist who can fit into your daily schedule with ease. We operate on flexible hours and you can contact us to discuss your service needs. We will help you find a full service massage Hong Kong therapist who can be available during your desired time.

There are multiple easy ways of contacting us to know more about a full service massage or to book an appointment with the most talented therapists Hong Kong has on offer.

You can speak to one of our friendly and discreet staff at (+852) 6055 0079 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can fill our contact form and we will revert in the shortest time possible.

We look forward to helping you experience complete contentment and rejuvenation.

About our body to body / full service massage Hong Kong services – FAQs:

Will the body to body massage hurt?

No, it will not. Our full service massage therapists are careful to ensure that they do not generate excessive pressure on your body, during the service. If you currently are experiencing any physical discomfort or are recovering from an injury, please let our full service massage Hong Kong professionals know. They will take care to be particularly gentle with the injured/weak area.

Can I decline participating in the body to body massage during the treatment?

Yes, you can. Your consent is of the utmost importance to us. If you are not comfortable getting a massage in any specific part of your body or you do not like the technique being used by our therapist, please feel free to voice your thoughts. Our massage professionals are trained on numerous techniques and they can adapt the service to make it safer and more comfortable for you.

Can I remain dressed during the body to body massage?

The massage is done when both the client and the masseuse are undressed. But, if you’re not comfortable with this, you can undress to the level you prefer.

Will the massage oils cause acne or other skin conditions?

No, they won’t. We use organic oils that are skin-friendly. However, if you are worried, please do let our therapists know. They will be careful to choose those oils which have absolutely no side effects and which can prevent flare-ups of any existing acne or rashes that you may have.

Can I talk during the full service massage session?

You can, if you prefer to. Some clients like silence, while others prefer speaking to our body to body massage therapists.