Due to excessive work, stress, fast life and other environmental factors, everyone needs to relax and massage can be one of the best ways to feel rejuvenated. Therefore, it should become an integral part of one’s health regime. Massages were used by many ancient cultures to cure injuries and heal fatal conditions which, went on to become a preferred treatment option for centuries. Massage therapy still continues to remain one of the most effectual, safe and non-invasive techniques to treat physical and mental ailments, such as pain, stress, depression and so on. Massage therapies grant a plethora of benefits hence, it is important to recognize the value of this treatment approach and understand 'why you need massage’.

Offers Flexibility:

Excessive activity and age can cause tightened joints and sore muscle joints can hamper flexibility and restrict one’s range of motion. Massage therapy proves to be successful for enhancing range of motion with flexibility. It also helps to loosen and relax tensed muscles by working on joints and knots that cause soreness. After a couple of sessions, most people experience better flexibility in their joints which elevates their body’s comfort level.


Relives Pain:

Massage aids to relieve pain for people who suffer from arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, back injuries, sports injuries, migraines and other similar conditions. The therapy alleviates pain by minimizing muscle tension and also by releasing endorphins which is a natural pain reducing chemical produced in the brain.

Flushes Toxins:

Massage plays a vital role in removing toxins from the body. Regular massage sessions can help to flush out the build-up of lactic acid in muscles and promotes drainage of sinus. Flushing out toxins from the body and clearing the normal muscle metabolism can in turn, reduce fatigue, provide stamina and speed up the healing of any physical injuries.

Eliminates Stress:

Massage lowers blood pressure as well as the body's heart rate, which leads to complete relaxation of muscles. The ensuing mental state of tranquil, rest, and healing lasts for a long time, after the therapy is complete. This leads to good moods and reduces the levels of tension in one’s daily life.

Reduces Depression And Stress:

Other than relaxing the body, massage can calm the mind and enable the person undergoing the therapy to attain serenity and composure. It decreases the level of stress in most people and also, helps in managing the symptoms of depression. Most people who suffer from anxiety claims that their symptoms reduces after going through massage therapy. Massage also offers better sleep, improved energy, enhanced concentration and more energy.

Weight loss:

Apart from all the above benefits, massage can directly assist in weight loss. As per a few research studies, massage is deemed to be able to split the fat cells in subcutaneous tissue which enables the fat to exude and get eliminated by the body. When combined with exercise and proper nutrition, massage can easily expedite weight loss.

Overall, there are various types of massage therapies that offer immense benefits to everyone who undergoes it. Some of the most preferred therapies include aromatherapy, hot stone massage, tantric massage, shiatsu, Swedish massage etc and the recent resurgence and popularity of massage serves to confirm its significant role in both physical health and mental wellness.