massage infographic

Massage has been used as a form of medical treatment since the beginning of civilization a few thousand years ago. Nowadays, its popularity sure has risen since we live in such stressful and fast environment so massage therapy always seems like a good idea. Throughout your life you surely must have attendant a massage session yourself so you know the relaxed body feeling you get after one massage therapy. But it’s not just the relaxation that’s beneficial for your health and all around wellbeing, there are many more reasons for your next guilt free massage session of which the most important ones are listed down below, so be sure to check them out! 

1. Postural Stress and Back Pain

You are without doubt familiar with postural stress and back pain if your job involves sitting extended periods of time throughout the day. Most people that work in offices are well aware that the only way to relax after such day is a hot bath and relaxing massage that make your back feel renewed. Next time you work overtime, be sure to book yourself a visit to your nearest massage therapist. 

2. Headache

Sometimes it seems that your life is made up of never ending deadlines followed by huge amounts of sleepless nights and coffee, and of course, headaches. Stop for a second and give yourself a head massage if you don’t find the time to go to a massage therapist. Your mind will clear up and you will be ready to focus again without the nasty headache blocking your creativity.

3. Osteoarthritis

Apart from the traditional treatments of osteoarthritis, massage therapy has been really affective in treating chronic osteoarthritis. Massage therapy cannot be considered a substitute for medical treatment but it’s a great addition in the treatment since massage therapy eases pain and stiffness around the joints making them more flexible and your life easier. If you consider massage therapy as an additional treatment, be sure to go to a professional massage therapist who knows what he’s doing so you’ll be sure to benefit from it. 

4. Cancer symptoms

There is more and more study in linking cancer treatment to not so common treatment methods. Although cancer can’t be massaged away, massage therapy has shown to affect the patients in a positive way. Studies have shown that massage therapy helps patients to better cope with the illness in general by relaxing them and easing stress, anxiety, headaches and pain. The mentioned benefits may mainly be of psychological origin but that is also a way to treat patients, not just pills and chemotherapy. 

5. Anxiety and depression

Whatever may be happening in our lives right now, every one of us has certainly felt anxiety or depression hovering over our shoulders at one point in our lives. But apart from taking pills and saying in bed all day, you should visit a massage therapist the next time you have a hard time managing these two daemons known as anxiety and depression. By relaxing your whole body, massages make you feel generally good about yourself and give you enough strength to challenge your everyday life with a clear and relaxed mind.