Hong Kong may be unnoticeable on the world map but one thing is for sure, it is never short of tourists. This is reflective on statistics based on a 2014 study that showed the Hong Kong international airport as the third busiest airport in the world. Apart from city lights and skyscrapers, there is more to see and do in Hong Kong. Below is a list of the best experiences in Hong Kong:

The Hong Kong Tram Party

There is no better way to tour Hong Kong than through the Tram party. Trams have been used for decades in China as a mode of transport. They are slower than normal buses thus giving you a chance to tour Hong Kong. They move from Kennedy Town to North Point then back. During the tram party, you will be served drinks as the music plays. You will have a chance to take photos and see major landmarks in Hong Kong city.

Hop Into Ngong Ping Cable Car

Take this 5.7 km ride by cable car and experience visually great view of South China Sea and Lantau Island. During the first few minutes of the ride, you will get a panoramic view of the Hong Kong international airport. You will see the hills of Lantau and after the car turns, you will see the Tian Tan Buddha.

Ngong Ping

Hong Kong Tantric Massage

If you have been longing for a sensual massage, Hong Kong is the place to get it. Basically, tantric massage focuses on sensually enjoying the body. Unlike other forms of massage, there are no rules. Every part of the body is massaged. The massage is carried out as per the client’s requirements. Clients normally communicate their preferences to the masseuse before for massage. An experienced masseur will make your body and your mind relax and make sure the massage is sensual but can also be a spiritual healing session.


Happy Valentine Racecourse

This is a world class horse racing venue. Even if you do not fancy horse racing, just watching the crowd go wild and feeling the betting atmosphere that is the stadium makes your night fun-filled and fascinating. Horse racing happens on Wednesday nights between September and June. Mingling with the crowd also heightens the fun in watching horse racing. 

Enjoy a Drink on a Rooftop

There are a number of rooftop bars where you can enjoy a drink against the great view of the city. You can also enjoy your drink on the rooftop of your apartment or hotel. The Ozone bar, located on the 118th floor of Carlton hotel is the highest point in Hong Kong. This view, especially at night, is magnificent. However, you should avoid this during winter as fog will block the view. When up there, you feel as if Hong Kong is the New York in Asia.


Exploring Outlying Islands

Hong Kong has 263 outlying islands. It will only take you a day to visit all the islands. Most of the islands are underdeveloped. During the tour, you can do hiking, visit museums, visit the beaches, eat seafood and have a refreshing adventure. It is a good way to get out of the bustle of city life. This is for tourists who will be staying in Hong Kong for at least three days. Some of the most popular islands are Lantau Island (home to Disneyland, Big Buddha and the Hong Kong International Airport), Peng Chau, Cheng Chau, and Lamma Islands.